Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Digital Dozen : Redoes Art : Day 3

Hello friends,
for the day 3 of 'The Digital Dozen : Redoes Art' theme, I chose to recreate my own mani, which I did when I was just a beginner to this amazing world of nail art. I got a lot of appreciation for this mani and people liked it very much. Those days glitter was in fashion so I used glitter in my Peacock nail art but now as different chrome powders are in trend I'm using Ostar Chrome Powder in my nail art. 

For the base I used Ostar Chrome Powder and the stamping polish is Dance Legend Golden. The peacock image is from Moyou London Mother Nature Collection-02.

Thank you everyone for reading my post and please share your views with me in the comments section!☺


  1. why not people praise your work? This mani is really really stunning. you pick such a nice color combinations and peacock on it. Great work! it will add even more beauty when you will wear a peacock ring.

  2. Wow, these are stunning! The gold against the multichrome base is gorgeous!